Short Courses Australia deliver Block Credits of 90 Nominal Hours for Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) secondary school students, that each provide a Credit at Unit 1 & 2. Students can attend at our Melbourne or Port Melbourne Centres, or a Secondary School can choose to Host a Course.

VCE VET Elective

Download our VETDSS Course Guide for 2023.

Rules for Vocational Education and Training (VET) recognition within the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) have changed with the introduction of the ONE VCE from 2023.

VCE Students can select a VET Elective of 90 nominal hours and use this Block Credit at Units 1 & 2 level of VCE.

Select A Vet Elective

Short Courses Australia offer four distinct industry taster elective programs that VCE Students can select as a VCE Elective.

Each VCE VET Elective offered by Short Courses Australia totals 90 nominal hours and meets the Block Credit requirement.

VCE Students can select each Elective for study at our Melbourne Training Campus, or a Secondary School can select to Host a Course at their Secondary School.

Each program contains recommended structured workplace learning that is supported by our JOB CAMP learning module for secondary students.

For more information about each elective and to enrol click on the course below:



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Customer Reviews

  • VCE VET Elective | review from ??

    02 March 2024

    -  ??

  •  | review from ???

    01 March 2024

      "(Translated by Google) A place with a kind male teacher.. I love picking up RSA! (Original) ???? ?? ???? ?? ?.. RSA ?? ???!"

    -  ???

  • VCE VET Elective | review from Albin Shibu

    28 February 2024

    -  Albin Shibu

  •  | review from Joell Palmeira

    28 February 2024

      "A great felling and full of surprises studying RSA"

    -  Joell Palmeira

  •  | review from krish kanchan

    28 February 2024

    -  krish kanchan

  • VCE VET Elective | review from Shishir Dhakal

    27 February 2024

      "Highly recommended! I did the Basic Food Handler (face-to-face) and RSA course (online) at Short Courses Australia and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. The classes were interactive and Kate was a wonderful instructor!"

    -  Shishir Dhakal

  •  | review from Forestfire

    26 February 2024

    -  Forestfire

  •  | review from Geno Penaflor

    19 February 2024

      "This is my 2nd time registering to Short Courses Australia to avail a training - this time for RSA. The session was structured and easy to follow. The facilitator did a great job handling both in-class and online attendees and made sure everyone is engaged in the discussions. Real-life examples were provided to give us idea of the concepts in the module. I would definitely go back next time to take another course!"

    -  Geno Penaflor

  • VCE VET Elective | review from Aneliza Palafox

    16 February 2024

      "I really liked the RSA course ? highly recommended!"

    -  Aneliza Palafox

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