Short Course Australia continue to provide essential short courses during COVID-19 Restrictions. Read More

Short Course Australia continue to provide essential short courses during COVID-19 Restrictions. Read More



Short Courses Australia deliver JOB CAMP which assists Secondary School Students across

Sydney & Regional NSW transition into paid employment. 

Duration: from 2 Days. Cost: from $140.00 Per Student. 


Short Courses Australia delivers JOB CAMP across Sydney & Regional NSW.

JOB CAMP is facilitated by way of incursion and offers students access to vocational training and compliance certificates that are pre-requisites for employment.

Short Courses Australia aims to support young people to break down barriers to employment and make the successful transition into paid employment easier by providing them access to VET, whilst still in school.



Short Courses Australia offer a variety of two (2) day JOB CAMP options for secondary schools in Sydney & Regional NSW seeking greater flexbility in delivery and pricing:



Our Transition Pathways Team comprise Talent Officers who are available to discuss career pathways with students, teachers, and parents as part of Short Courses Australia’s JOB CAMP program.

Talent Officer's are available prior, during or after JOB CAMP to support teachers and parents to identify Casual, School Based Apprenticeships & Traineeships (SBAT) or future post-secondary school completion vocational Traineeship and Apprenticeship employment pathways for individual students. 

Our Transition Pathways Team is currently recruiting for the following JOB VACANCIES:



For more information or to book JOB CAMP at your secondary school, please contact our team:

Customer Reviews

  • JOB Camp At Your School | review from Giselle Corteville

    14 June 2022

      "great service"

    -  Giselle Corteville

  •  | review from Mika Aoshima

    13 June 2022

      "Lindy was amazing. I am an international student but she explained with plain words so I could understood easily. Would recommend to anyone who want to get their RSA."

    -  Mika Aoshima

  •  | review from Sharmin Sultana

    31 May 2022

      "Mr Jonathon is a very knowledgeable, friendly and experienced instructor. He shared many real life experiences with us during the lessons and the class was very interactive. He presented all the key elements interestingly on time. I enjoyed the class a lot. Thank you and best wishes!"

    -  Sharmin Sultana

  • JOB Camp At Your School | review from Sharmin Sultana

    31 May 2022

      "The course was really informative. Our instructor, Jonathan presented the key elements of RSA interestingly & precisely within a very short time. Me & my husband did the course together. We learnt so many new things, enjoyed the class & performed well too. Will come back again for another course soon! Thank you!"

    -  Sharmin Sultana

  •  | review from Dustin

    30 May 2022

      "Working 55 Hours was unable to attend in person so went for the online RSA program. Shoutout to Lindy, Genuine passion for teaching responsible service , clarifys any misunderstanding Highly recommend, Certificate was issued next business day"

    -  Dustin

  •  | review from Tony Tran

    25 May 2022

      "John was a fantastic RSA teacher! Extremely patient with the other students and was very professional"

    -  Tony Tran

  • JOB Camp At Your School | review from Richard Kiang

    17 May 2022

      "Jonathan and the team at RSA Melbourne were great from booking to course delivery. Jonathan was very knowledgeable in all things relating to liquor and conducted a free flowing, inquisitive study environment. I definitely rate my short course experience."

    -  Richard Kiang

  •  | review from Giang ??ng

    06 May 2022

      "Funny teacher and easy to understand."

    -  Giang ??ng

  •  | review from Pauline Tolentino

    06 May 2022

      "The course was very insightful. I actually learned a lot of new things. Andrew the facilitator did really well presenting the course and he was very accommodating with our questions. I would definitely recommend them!"

    -  Pauline Tolentino

  • JOB Camp At Your School | review from Sarah Dey

    05 May 2022

    -  Sarah Dey

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